Vermont Barber License

Vermont Barber License

The process of getting a Vermont barber license consists of several stages. Initially, you need to correspond to eligibility criteria, then continue with the necessary steps introduced below. Whether you live here or just moved, if you want to work as a hairstylist, follow the instruction.

Eligibility to apply for the license

The most important point is to be over 18 years old. The next is to hold a diploma from high school or its equivalent.

Necessary tips to get qualified

The first step is registering in the Office of Professional Regulation. Then, fill out the online request and pay the application fee. It is $130 and non-refundable. Afterward, it is necessary to attach a scanned copy of the graduation diploma and evidence of training.


You need to complete training in a formal barber school. It should have accreditation by an authority recognized by the US Department of Education. On the other hand, the tuition center may be recognized as equivalent to that. The learning program should have at least 150 crossover and 750 school hours.

The course consists of practical and theoretical lessons. The lessons include:

  • Haircutting, hair styling, hair shaping
  • Clipper cutting
  • Shampooing
  • Hair lightening and coloring (permanent and semi-permanent)
  • Hair analysis and scalp treatments
  • Straight razor shaves and beard trims
  • Basic facial
  • Hygiene, sanitation, anatomy, personal health
  • Equipment sanitation and sterilization techniques
  • Safe chemical use and understanding of related reference materials
  • The history of the profession
  • Laws, rules, and professional ethics

As soon as your application is fulfilled, you will receive a message via email about the examinations.
Next, you are required to create a New Professional Credential Service account for written exams.

After obtaining the approval, you may pass your exams. The first part is theoretical: the first one with multiple-choice questions and the other is the jurisprudence test.

The examination is in written form and tends to check the knowledge with the following points:

  • Haircare services (20%)
  • Facial and shaving services (15%)
  • Chemical services (25%)
  • Scientific concepts (40%)

Further, you will have a jurisprudence check. It concerns state rules and regulations on barbering.
Above all, you need to pass the practical one. Therefore, it is required to arrange a date for the exam in the testing center in Montpelier. You should come with your supplies and mannequin at the scheduled time. The assessment is based on your skills on:

  • Customers’ protection
  • Shaving abilities
  • Hairstyling, hair coloring
  • Chemical relaxing

You will have your final scores sent by the land Board in two weeks.

Getting the license via apprenticeship

You can also qualify to practice as a hairdresser via apprenticing. In this case, you are required to complete the apprenticeship application and make a $100 payment. Then, introduce an office study Initiation form. It should include a detailed structure of the training under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The course should consist of 1,125 apprentice and 300 crossover apprentice hours.


The expiration date for the Vermont Barber License is on September 30 of each even-numbered year. The applicant needs to present a document proving that he completed the 24-hour course for the renewal. This is evidence of a hairstylist’s ongoing education necessary for instructors.

On the other hand, you may pay $130 and complete the renewal request.

To learn about the renewal process of the Washington barber license and not only, check the article.


Sometimes people feel the urge to verify someone’s license before using their services. For that, the state has designed a special tool. You may use it to find a professional in the state. It will give you information about his/her educational and professional background. Furthermore, you will get other data as well.

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