Vermont License Plate Lookup

Vermont License Plate Lookup

Vermont law forbids acquiring information about the availability of vanity license plate numbers. However, by entering the VIN number you will be able to view the vehicle history report. Visit the Vermont DMV website to learn more.

Registering your car in Vermont

There are major differences in the registration process of vehicles that are purchased from the dealership or private owners.  Dealers, in general, are the ones handling all paperwork regarding your vehicle’s registration. But in case the dealership is out-of-state, you should carry the documentation in person, by visiting your local DMV office.

If you purchased your car from a private owner, you should handle the process of registration. To do that, it is obligatory to take the following steps:

  • Filled out VD-119 Form
  • Completed VT-005 Form 
  • Signed title by the seller
  • Car insurance coverage
  • Payment of all necessary fees

Before obtaining your license plates, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicle will provide you with temporary tags. They are only valid for 60 days which will allow you to operate your car before permanent plates and stickers. These tags cannot be renewed or extended to the validity date. To obtain temporary plates in Vermont, you must visit your local DMV office.

Types of License Plates in Vermont

According to the law established by the Vermont DMV, you should have 2 license plates which should be placed on the rear and front of your vehicle. Being that, one of the plates is called a “validation” sticker, which shows the expiration date of registration. The other one, in short, is your vehicle’s registration card. If your vehicle is a motorcycle, trailer, or tractor truck, you will need only one license plate.

What does the Vermont license plate look like?

The standard Vermont license plate features green background and a maple tree in the upper-left corner. There is  “VERMONT” written in the center as well. If you think standard plates can be boring, and you want either to customize the tags or purchase specialty plates, the next paragraph can be interesting for you. There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to customizing or buying specialty license plates. Below, you can find the categorized types of license plates in Vermont:

  • Vanity plates
  • Specialty tags
  • Plates and placards for disabled individuals
  • Military/veteran license plates
  • Antique plates

Personalized plates in Vermont

You can personalize your vehicle’s license plates by choosing unique characters and designs as you desire. If you want to know whether you can customize the plate or not, you should visit the VT DMV office or check out the website.  You should follow these rules to apply for your desired designs and characteristics of the license plate:

  • Above all, avoid using characters that are offensive and vulgar
  • Secondly, include up to 7 characters on your standard plate (disabled plates will require up to 5 characters)
  • Thirdly, use up to 4 characters on vintage and antique license plates

To apply for a vanity license plate in Vermont, you should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, fill out Vanity Plate Application Form 
  • Secondly, pay all the necessary fees (note that you should pay not only the fee of vanity plate but also standard registration fees)

Once you submit all the required documentation to the VT DMV, it will take up to 30 days to receive your vanity license plates. Vanity plates cost $48 along with the registration fees. Not to forget about specialty tags if applicable.

The DMV may reject your application for several reasons. Read more on our banned license plates in Vermont page.

Vermont Specialty License Plates

When it comes to selecting specialty plates in Vermont, there are numerous options to choose from to support funds, organizations, or professions. Based on these categories we will present the major types of Vermont specialty plates that you can purchase.

License Plates for Special Organizations/Professions

If you want to purchase license plates based on your profession and the organization you support, you can have a look at the following options that Vermont DMV offers:

  • Amateur Radio Operator license plate. To obtain this plate, you must possess a copy of the Federal Communication Commission License and complete the Safety/Service Organization Plate application form
  • National Ski Patrol plate. To clarify, this plate is available for individuals, who have a valid NSP membership card. To apply through the organization, complete the same form as mentioned above and pay the fee of $17 (one-time fee).
  • Professional Firefighters of Vermont. To purchase this license plate, you must, in fact, get authorization documents from the Professional Firefighters of Vermont (PFFV). You also need to complete the Safety/Service Organization Plate application and pay the fee of $17 (one-time).
  • American Legion plate. If you are a member of the American Legion in Vermont, you can have the official logo of your organization displayed on your license plate. To get this plate, you will need a valid membership card from the organization.
  • Lions Club International plate. To obtain this specific tag, you will need to present your membership card of Lions Club International.

Vermont License Plates to Support Special Funds

You can buy license plates in Vermont and support various special funds. Here are some of the options for you to consider:

  • Building Bright Future specialty plate. By purchasing this plate you will support the Vermont Building Bright Future fund, which helps to improve the quality of child care. You will need to fill out the Building Bright Future application form (#VD-1024) and pay $24 annually.
  • Conservation plates featuring loon, deer, and brook trout. When you buy conservation plates, the net proceeds of $26 (annual fee) will help to support the Non-Game Wildlife Fund and Watershed Grants Program. To get this plate, you will need to fill out the Vermont Conservation application form.

Disability Parking Plates and Placards

Residents of Vermont can apply for disabled plates and placards and get parking privileges. Individuals with permanent disabilities can apply for disabled parking placards or disabled license plates. They need to follow these steps:

The plates and placards will allow you to park places designed for individuals with disabilities (without time restrictions). You can also get assistance at gas stations. If the disability is temporary, then a person should present the Temporary Disabled Parking Placard application form completed by a licensed physician and applicant. Remember that temporary disabled placards are valid for six months and cannot be renewed (you should reapply if you need a placard after the expiration date). At this point, permanent placards are valid for four years, and you can apply by completing a new application form.

Vermont Military/ Veteran License Plates

There are many special military/veteran license plates that the Vermont DMV offers. Here, you will find some examples of military or veteran plates:

  • Disabled Veteran plate. To purchase the plate, individuals must submit veteran status from the Vermont Office of Veterans’ Affairs. Additionally, veterans should also have the medical certification form submitted by a licensed physician.
  • O.W. plate. Ex-prisoners of war can apply for this license plate
  • Purple Heart. This plate will be given to combat wounded veterans and should be certified by the Vermont Office of Veteran’s Affairs.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). This plate is offered to honorable members of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).

The full list of available military/veteran license plates, as well as additional information, can be found on the Vermont DMV website

Antique plates

If you have a vehicle that is 25 years old or older, you can apply for antique license plates. In addition to antique plates, exhibition plates are also eligible if your vehicle has been used in exhibitions, club events, or in occasional transportation.

Vermont License Plate Renewal

You can renew your license plate online, in person, by phone, or by mail. To renew your license plate online, you will first need to visit myDMV vehicle registration renewal page on the Vermont DMV website. Make sure you have the following items ready:

Given that, you can also renew your registration by calling 866 259-5368. To view the other options of license plate renewal, visit the VT DMV website.

The replacement of damaged/stolen or lost license plates in Vermont

In case your license plate is damaged, stolen, or lost, you can apply for a replacement at the Vermont DMV. Accordingly, you can order a replacement online, by mail, or in person. To apply by mail or in person, you should complete the Lost/Replacement Registration form and finally submit it to the Department with the necessary fees. The cost of a license plate replacement is $16.

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