Vermont Private Investigator License

Vermont Private Investigator License

In order to work as a PI legally, you have to hold a valid Vermont Private Investigator License. Actually, this is a must in nearly all the states of the U.S. However, each state has its specific requirements and application procedure. Consequently, in this article, you can find out all the details you need about VT’s specifications․

How do you become a licensed private investigator in Vermont?

First of all, there are minimum necessary conditions that you must consider. Then you should go through the steps required to register.

Follow a brief list of requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Two years of experience as an investigator is mandatory.
  • A citizen of the US. or a legal alien.
  • Accomplish necessary courses.
  • You have to pass a criminal background check.
  • Two years of full-time work experience at a Vermont-based private investigative agency. But the board waives it if your history includes at least two years as a police officer.
  • Be in good condition with child maintenance ordered by a court of law. Besides, do not have unpaid payments connected with taxes and unresolved problems with the judicial bureau.
  • Hold a 40-hour PI training course and pass the test.

So, after these demands, you can apply for official permission.

How to apply for a Vermont private investigator license

Upon successful completion of the test, you can apply for licensure. Here you need:

  • Pay a $150 fee for unarmed status. In the case of armed status, the fee is $ 200.
  • Attach the paid check to the VT Secretary of State.
  • Include a passport size photo.
  • Confirmation of your experience and personal references should be submitted via the link to the board.
  • Provide fingerprint․
  • If you prefer armed status, include proof of completion of weapons training.
  • Fill out a relevant application form.

Finally, you need to mail all documentation to the Office of Professional Regulation at the Vermont Secretary at:
89 Main Street
3rd Floor, Montpelier
VT 05620-3402

The difference between a private investigator and a detective

People often confuse two of these terms. Indeed, they are close in meaning, but their functions are different. So, what is the main difference between them?

Detectives, high-ranking police officers, work under a law enforcement agency, such as a city police department, and also for local, state, or federal levels. They have the authority to obtain warrants and access real estate. And, as a matter of fact, they hold the power of official legal arrest. Besides, their job has a connection with murders. In other words, they handle a variety of criminal cases.

PIs, on the other hand, do not hold the same competencies as detectives. Their activity relates to civil cases. People in this profession engage in criminal defense. It means that they gather some evidence from witnesses for court cases. They also collect facts about missing people and also stolen and lost properties.

Certification Process

In order to become a licensed agent, you should accomplish 40 hours of training. Then, you must pass the exam to get a certificate of completion. After that, the board approves the criteria and results of the course examination. The trainer or course organizer and the applicant should sign this certificate. Before the registration, it is necessary to submit a copy of the certificate to the board.

But if you want to carry or use weapons as a PI, you must additionally complete the firearms apprenticeship program․ Additionally, it includes the final written exam.

Do you need any qualifications to be a PI?

Vermont does not require any special qualifications to become a registered PI. That is to say, getting official degrees and diplomas for formal authorization is not obligatory. The only mandatory claim is the official apprenticeship program conducted by the State Board and the final exam for certification. But you can choose any relevant college or university to complement your skills and knowledge.

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