Vermont Business License

Vermont Business License

Whenever you plan on starting a company in Vermont you must have a legal permit. Vermont Business License is the most common permit you will ever get. Vermont Secretary of the State is in charge of the licensure process. Before you start up the application, however, you will first need to get to know the company type, register it and also gather the necessary documentation. This article will guide you through the whole licensing process you need to cover whenever planning to submit an application.


In Vermont, whenever you want to run a business you are to hold a valid and up-to-date Vermont Business License. This document enables you to operate legally within the state and proves your company is registered. This is not such a challenging process, you need some essential documentation and a visit to the nearest Board of Licensing office. This article will guide you through all the necessary steps you have to take and the documents you will need through.

Does Vermont Require a Business License?

Not all businesses in Vermont require licenses. However, a wide range of corporation types has to obtain one or more licenses or permissions. In short, you must submit an application to the VT Board of Licensing if you want to start a company in one of these sectors:

  • Environment
  • Construction
  • Health
  • Safety

In some cases, the permit is required only at the local level and issued by the County Clerk's Office.

Vermont Business License Types

Corporations in VT are to apply for several types of permits. Indeed, not all of them require all types. All in all, you are to review the following types:

  • DBA

In general, you might be required to register a DBA name if you run a firm under a name other than the one you selected and registered for your company.

  • Planning and zoning permit

Each county in VT has its own set of requirements for licensure. Thus, it's recommended to check the criteria your county has set and provide the documentation proving you don't disturb the community.

  • Health permits

In VT, you may need to apply for some permit in order to qualify for work in the health care field. Firms in the food and beverage sector, for instance, must meet health code requirements.

Application for Vermont Business License

As we have mentioned above there are federal-level permissions only for some fields. However, it's worth noting that these licenses are mandatory. The federal government could fine you or even shut down your company if you fail to obtain the permit. So. what do you need for your application?

First of all, you will need to get your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). It is a nine-digit number that identifies your company. Secondly, you have to register your company with the VT Department of Taxes. The registration can be done either online via myVTax or in person.

After you have completed these steps you are ready for the Vermont Business License application. In this case, you have three choices when applying:

  • File your application request and all the necessary documentation independently.
  • Connect with a third-party filing service.
  • Set a meeting with a qualified lawyer who can assist you in submitting your request.

Note that to file the request you are to be at least 18 years old.

How much does it cost?

To get your permit, actually, you have to cover some expenses. As we have mentioned above, you have to first register your company. For LLCs and corporations, you are to pay $125. However, there are also additional permissions depending on the company's size, type, etc. Whenever starting an LLC here, generally speaking, you need just from $145 to $160 for the documentation.


Whenever you have got your permit, you have to take care of its renewal. The due period for the privilege is 1 or 2 years based on your organization type. For assumed firm names the due period is 5 years.

The cost of renewal varies as well, however, it most often ranges between $50-$100. You can only start the renewal process two months prior to the deadline. However, you are always notified if the deadline is near, and you can always look up the due date on Corporation's Divison website.


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